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Labnovation at Arab Health 2015

Labnovation Technologies attended Arab Health 2015 from January 26-29 in Dubai. We showed various kinds of IVD products and the following items received many visitors’ attention:
1. LD-500  fully automated HbA1c analzyer, HPLC method.
2. Rapid Test Products (including: cTnI / Myo / CK-MB, cTnI / Myo, cTnI / H-FABP, cTnI, H-FABP, PCT, PCT/CRP, NT-proBNP) 
3. Clinical Chemistry Reagents (for Beckman Coulter, Hitachi, Olympus, Toshiba, Mindray etc. )
4. Hematology Reagents (for all kinds of 3-diff and 5-diff hematology analyzers)
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