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Wash solutions


Labnovation offers you kinds of wash solutions for both biochemistry analyzers and immunoassay systems.

The compatible Brand are listed as below ,

Hitachi, Roche, Beckman, Olympus ( biochemistry analyzers)

Beckman, Abbott, Roche ( immunoassay systems)

the compatible model includes

Beckman Acces,DxI600,DxI 800

Abbott AXSYM immunoassay systems;Abbott i2000, i2000SR, ci8200

Roche Elecsys2010,1010


Wash Solution for Biochemistry Anlyzers
HITACHI/ROCHE Biochemistry Analayzers
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-9870153 Detergent 500ml
L-9870155 CarryNon 500ml
L-9870156 AlkalineD 2000ml
L-9870151 Alkaline 500ml
BECKMAN Sychron Systems
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-450160 Wash Concentrate II 4000ml(2000ml×2)
L-443335 Wash Concentrate  250ml
OLYMPUS Biochemistry Analyzers
Cat# Product Pack Size
R-90-05 Clean 5L
Wash Solution for Immunoassay Systems  
BECKMAN Access, DxI600, DxI800
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-81907 Wash Buffer 1950ml×4
L-81907-10L Wash Buffer 10L
ABBOTT AXSYM Immunoassay Systems
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-8A46-01 Solution 4(Line Diluent) 10L/Btl
ABBOTT i2000, i2000SR, ci8200
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-6C54-55 Concentrate Wash Buffer 975ml×4
Roche Elecsys2010,  1010
Cat# Product Pack Size
L-700103 Clean Cell 380ml×6